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Our Vision

The team at Paul Varghese™ is always looking for new ways and solutions by which we can make a process more efficient and simple. Hence we are constantly developing solutions for problems we face in our daily life, either at home or at work. Where we beleave that these solutions shall pave a way for a brighter future.

Services currently being developed

BIM Check™

A cloud based solution for checking your 3D and 2D models on the go, without any additional software. Where the aim of BIM Check™ is to help Architects, Engineers, Constructors, Designers and Managers to check their buildings. Hence helping them to be more efficient in their work by helping them identify areas of concern and find solutions to them throughout the design, construction and management phases. 

Note: BIM Check™ is still under Alpha Development. 

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NEON™ Cloud Rendering Solution

NEON™ is a cloud based rendering solution that enables users to upload, edit, review, render and download their 2D, 3D, Animations, Films and Simulations on the cloud and on the go without any additional hardware or software requirements. 

Note: NEON™ is still under pre-alpha development stages. 


& More Cloud Solutions

We are constantly coming up with new solutions and are developing them along side our other products. Hence stay tuned for more updates and cloud based solutions form Paul Varghese™ soon. 

Projects in the Pipeline

Cloud VR/AR Solution

Cloud Based BIM Project Management & Collaboration Platform

Cloud Based CAD Platform

Cloud Based BIM Platform

Cloud Based VM Platform

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