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Paul Varghese


Student of Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences at the Delft University of Technology.
“Born in India, and Lived most of my life in the Netherlands.
I love to Travel, Work and am constantly looking out for ways to develop my skills and knowledge”. 

About Me?

I am a student of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at the Delft University of Technology. I have previously worked as a Product Owner & BIM Consultant (during my Internship), Architect/Technical Integration Consultant (Part-Time working Student) and as a BIM Quality Assurance & Quality Control Officer (Part-Time working Student) at Xinaps B.V.

I love to gain valuable insight into the AEC (Architecture Urbanism Construction) and VDC (Visual Design Construction) Industry and am fascinated about the following topics: Architecture, Spatial & Urban Planning, Building Regulations & Management, Building Materials/Construction, Architectural History, Mechanics and Building Physics. I like to learn about technical aspects of buildings, such as the structural design, and building climate optimization requirements and am fascinated and determined to learn how sustainability can be used in the planning, design, construction, and renovation of the built environment. Hence my goal is to become an Architect who is knowledgeable and skilled in the fields of planning and designing buildings and smart cities that use new building technologies and climate design principles while keeping in mind the current and future user.

My passion for Architecture and the Built Environment is inborn in me. As a result, making scale down models has been my hobby since childhood. In my high school, I chose to study Visual Arts as a subject. This is when I first learnt the relationship between Design and Architecture. During my schooling the projects that I chose always had a strong inclination for Architecture and related topics.  For example, for an IB Extended Essay I carried out research on the Spatial Distribution, pricing and parking policy of paid car parks in Eindhoven, to see if it supported Socio-Economic Development and Sustainable Mobility within the city centre. This research work gave me the opportunity to understand and appreciate the Urban Planning and Development of Eindhoven as a City.

I have also travelled to many European and Asian countries and have always been fascinated by the Architecture, Urban Planning and Mobility of the places I have visited. The topics of Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences has always fascinated me, and always eager to continue learning more about these topics.

About My Past Work?

Xinaps is a start-up company and a key player in data analysis for project classification, validation, reporting and regulatory building compliance of BIM models. It provides Architects Engineers Constructors (AEC) and General Contractors with their in-house BIM solution (Verifi3D) to validate their BIM Model (based upon the Level of Information (LOI) of the model) compliance pertaining to building regulations and project requirements that cover’s the built asset lifecycle process. While enabling its users to build up their own individual or cooperate Common Data Environment (CED) which can be used for any BIM Project while ensuring ISO 19650 & PD 19650-O compliance.  

My role at Xinaps is to work with General Contractors in the AEC & VDC Industry to help integrate or adapt their workflows and help ensure that they can validate their BIM Models in a Smart-Automated way against Building Regulations or Project Guidelines throughout the Built Asset Lifecycle Process that span from the Design to Pre-Construction, Pre-Construction to Construction and Construction to Maintenance Phase.

Hence, I help integrate the Architectural, Construction, Engineering and Management practices of the Building Industry with the various software solutions developed by Xinaps. Where my role (during my internship) as a Project Owner and BIM Consultant, helps me to ensure the successful delivery of the project and help increase its value proposition.

Working at Xinaps has hence allowed me to work with the following Companies: 

It has also enabled me to present Innovative Solutions for the following Companies:  

And has given me to oppertunity to give Workshops and Present at the following events:  

Before my internship where I took on the role and responsibilities of a Product Owner and BIM Consultant, I worked as a part-time student as an Architect / Technical Integration Consultant and before that had the role and responsibilities of a BIM Quality Assurance and Quality Control Officer at Xinaps.

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Some of my Portfolio Works

Portfolio Currently Under Development.

Xinaps Internship Feedback

Excellent communicator, Professional well-mannered with great aptitude for innovation and ideas sharing! Superb storyteller and brilliant presentational skills.

Harry Ibbs
Europe Design Technology Director at Gensler

Ability to communicate a topic clearly while critically thinking through concepts and issues. Excited to share learnings and see its wider application in many industries. Genuineness and hardworking attitude towards the conversations, presentations, and conversations we shared.

Adam Thomas
Owner & COO at Read|Thomas

Your enthusiasm and energy were excellent to have around. You moved the product forward significantly. Your understanding of the industry grew very rapidly. You were committed and ready to take risks.

Alain Waha
Global Lead for BIM & Digital Transformation at BuroHappold Engineering

All in all, it was a very good experience working with you! You were professional throughout and had good people skills that enabled a good working relationship.

Christopher Owen
BIM Coordinator at Skanska

I found you very enthusiastic and professional. You seem to really know what you’re talking about and you are a good listener. You can handle all the critics well.

Mark Mass
BIM Consultant at smartTBI | TBI SSC-ICT Diensten B.V.

I think you are a very polite guy. You have great ambition and you seem very smart. Keep up the enthusiasm!

Nelson Rijkuiter
Quality Manager at HFB

Educational Background

2000 - 2006
Army Public School Southern Command (APS) Pune
High School, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
2006 - 2007
Regional International School Eindhoven
International Baccalaureate | Primary Years Programme
2007 - 2012
International Secondary School Eindhoven
International Baccalaureate | Middle Years Programme
2012 - 2015
International School Eindhoven
International Baccalaureate | Diploma Programme
2015 - 2018
Delft University Of Technology
Bachelor's Degree Architecture, Urbanism & Building Sciences

Work Background

2017 - 2019
BIM Quality Assurance & Quality Control Officer
Part-Time at Xinaps B.V
2019 - 2019
Architect / Technical Integration Consultant
Part-Time at Xinaps B.V
2019 - 2020
Product Owner & BIM Consultant
Internship at Xinaps B.V


  • Paul is a dedicated and friendly student who showed his commitment and passion as I rarely come across in my subject. His methodological approach has led him to generate a systematic investigation into different art styles and art movements. His experiments show eagerness to learn skills and his final artworks prove to be unique and original outcomes He has the imagination and artistic mind to translate what he learns into something personal with meaning and depth. And his perseverance to achieve skillful outcomes leads to high-quality products based on thorough research and systematic experimentation.

    Myrna Stolk
    IB Visual Arts Teacher

Projects Worked Upon

  • Dsign Projects:
    • Huis en Verankering in het Landschap.
    • Ontwerp en Engineering.
    • Stad en Openbare Ruimte.
    • Woongebouw en Woonomgeving.
    • Gebieds(her)ontwikkeling in het Metropolitane Landschap.
    • Gebouw en Techniek.
  • Urban & Building Analysis Projects:
    • The Building Densification and Sustainability Objective at Robijnhorst, Mariahoeve.
    • Analysis of HoppFerenc Kelet-ÁzsiaiMűvészetiMúzeum. 
    • Analysis of the Public Connectivity in Budapest, Hungary.  
    • Renovation of Philip Vingboonstraat, Pre-Design Analysis.
    • Brandweerkazerne Harderwijk.
  • Work Projects:
    • Verifi3D – BIM Model Data Validation in the Cloud for Local and Project Compliance.  
    • Royal HaskoningDHV Engineering (RHDHV) – Design Automation in the Cloud for Modifying Parameters of Security Zones of BIM Project. 
    • Bureau Veritas – French, Requlatory Compliance Tool for BIM Projects. 
    • Xianps Plugins – For Accessibility, Fire Safety, Spatial Planning, Finance & Daylight Ratio Validation. 
  • IB Projects:
    • IB Extended Essay: “Spatial distribution, pricing and parking policy
      of paid car parks in Eindhoven to see if it supported socioeconomic
      development and sustainable mobility within the city centre”.
    • IB Mathematics Research Paper: “A Mathematical Investigation of
      the Sierpinski triangle”.
    • IB Creativity Service and Action (CAS) Project (Project developed
      and proposed to the municipality of Eindhoven): A sustainability
      project called “Eindhoven is mijn plek”.
    • IB Creativity Service and Action (CAS) Project: Co- creation with
      designers from Design Academy Eindhoven for a meeting point.
    • IB Creativity Service and Action (CAS) Project: (Fundraising through
      event organization for Wolaita Liqa Public school in Ethiopia to help
      Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) with access to education):
      “Ethiopia Project”.
    • IB Personal Project (with Profielwinkel at the department of Applied
      Physics, TU/e): “Aerofoil and its Aerodynamics”.

During my Prior Work: What were my Tasks & What all Skills have I Developed?

At Xinaps B.V
  • Quality Assurance & Stress Testing for various Production or Development Stages of the Projects & Software Solutions.
  • Creation of Release Note against QA Results, MVP, Road Map and Tech File Deliverables.
  • Deployment & Management of Support System containing: Knowledge Base, Technical Videos, Tracking & Ticketing for Software Solutions.
  • Tech Files Creation & Management against Product Road Map and Client Feedback.
  • Management and Update of Product Road Map against Development Sprints and MVP (Minimum viable product) guidelines that reflect the Tech Files.
  • Management of Product Deliverables as set in Tech File & Road Map against Sprint Planning and Agile Workflow.
  • Giving Demos, Presentations, Workshops and Training.
  • Deployment & Management of User Analytics and connection to Power BI.
  • API Research into various solutions such as Bluesnap, Procore, Bricsys..
  • Communication with Clients and Companies for product demonstration, training, feedback or support.
  • Creation, Review & Validation of Technical Documentation for Marketing & Sales.
  • Implementation of Agile & Scrum Workflow & Development Process Overview.
  • Review, Validation of BIM Models from various Clients against Project Specific Guidelines & QA of BIM Models for Software Solutions.
  • Product Licence Server, Payment Gateway Setup (BlueSnap), Account & Salesforce Management.
  • Deployment and Management of Power BI Analylitics via API & SQL Databases for Data Visualization & Statistical Data Analysis. 
  • Management & Deployment of Domain, DNS & Website along with Website Security, Optimization and Back Up Solution.
  • Evaluation & Reflection of Development Progress against Product Release Moments & MVP.
  • Market & Competitor Analysis.
  • Creation of Software Solution Framework/Vision/Requirements & UI Framework/Wireframe.
  • Research & Development of alternate production methods & solutions.
  • User Survey & User Statistical Analysis.
  • Research into some ISO & Governmental Rules & Regulations regarding ISO 19650, PD 19650-O, NFPA, ADA, LEED, NEN 2057, British Council for Offices Guide, California Plumbing Code, DIN 18 288 Blatt 2, Bouwbesluit 2012 among others.

Honors & Awards

  • Model United Nations (THIMUN) 2014; Member of Disarmament sub commission 1 representing India
    • 2014  THIMUN

  • Model United Nations (MUNISH) 2013: Member of GA1 representing Guatemala.
    • 2013  MUNISH

  • Model United Nations (MUN) 2012 : Member of ECOSOC representing Morocco.
    • 2012  MUNISH
  • BONAMUN 2012
    • 2012


  • Facebook: Architecture Group (Founder)
    • Sep 2015 – Present
    • Currently Contains: 1,439 Members & Present in 10 Counties as of 10-10-19

  • Facebook: Conservation Of Energy Group (Founder)
    • Jan 2012 – Present
    • Currently Contains: 860 Members & Present in 40 Counties as of 10-10-19



  • Dutch (Full Professional Proficiency)
    • Compleated Staatsexement NT2-II
    • Compleated TU Delft’s Bouwkundetaal Examination & Conducted Education in Dutch.

  • English (Native Proficiency) 
    • Conducted Education in English and Compleated: 
    • The International Baccalaurate Diploma.
    • The International Baccalaurate Middle Years Programme.
    • The International Baccalaurate Primary Years Programme.

  • Hindi (Limited Proficiency)
    • As part of CBSE Education in India. 

  • Spannish (Elementary Proficiency)
    • As part of the IB Middle Years Program at the International Secondary School Eindhoven. 

  • Malaylam (Limited Proficiency)
    • Through Famaily.

Knowledgeable In?

Adobe CC 2019%
Autodesk AutoCAD%
Autodesk Flow Design%
Autodesk Fusion 360%
Autodesk MAYA%
Autodesk Mudbox%
Autodesk Netfabb%
Autodesk Recap 360%
Autodesk Revit%
Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional %
Climate Consultant%
DIALux evo%
EUP V2.02 & ORCA%
HTML, Vue,js, Node.js%
Rhinoceros %
SketchUp Pro%
Staad Pro & Foundation%
Subsurfave Viewer 6 TNO%
Tekla Structural Learning%
Unity for AEC (Rendering & Model Visualization)%
Wordpress, IIS, MySQL & phpmyadmin%
Web Hoasting, Development & Deployment%
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